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 Trip Planning Tools 

Boating information for the Detroit River, Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay or your favorite local lake.  Check wave and wind forecasts, view satellite images, buy a fishing license, file a float plan, and see real time conditions on the lake you plan to fish. 

New! Use the links on the left side of the page to get listings for boat ramps, bait stores, motels and much more for your favorite lake or river.

NOAA - Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System

Get wind, waves, surface temps, surface currents, ice cover and more for Lake Erie, Huron, Ontario, Michigan, and Superior. Wind and wave forecasts available for Lake St. Clair.  Interesting, colorful maps that help you plan your upcoming trip to the Great Lakes!  Learn more

Wave & Wind Forecast
Get detailed forecasts for wave and wind conditions throughout the Great Lakes area.

Water Temperature
Surface water temperatures for locations throughout the Great Lakes area.

Buoy Data (Live)
Real time buoy data for water and land stations throughout the Great Lakes area.

Web Cams
Live water conditions around the Great Lakes.  Click "camera map" on their website

Satellite Image
View daily satellite images to see water clarity or cloud cover around the Great Lakes.

Licenses & Laws

Get your fishing license and the latest regulations for the lake you plan to fish

Fish Catch Tracking Sheet
Keep accurate records of every fish you catch - see patterns and repeat a successful program.  Record lake conditions, boat speed, lure type & size, distance back and more.  We have two log sheets that will help you become more organized in you record keeping:

Track your catch this season and become a more successful angler! 

Boat Safety - Come Back Alive!
Get prepared for the unexpected on the water.  We have lots of great resources available to help you develop a personal safety plan:

  • Float Plans
  • Boater Safety Classes
  • Severe Weather Planning
  • Safety Gear & Checklists
  • Marine Radio & GPS Information

Make a commitment to be a safer angler this season....learn more

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