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 Fishing 101  

Fish are very predictable creatures that can be caught consistently if you have a solid plan with the right equipment.  Get the information you need to start putting more fish in the boat.  Each section offers a quick overview of the content you will find. 

What would you like to learn about?   Exciting New Content Arriving Soon!

Equipment 101
Learn about planer boards, jet divers, bottom bouncers, crawler harness and more.  We will get you up and running quickly with articles and videos...learn more 

Speed up the learning process, attend a Walleye 101 seminar.  Get years worth of knowledge in hours by listening Lance Valentine and other fishermen...learn more

Sonar and GPS
These two units are your eyes into the fishes world.  Whether you are buying your first sonar or just looking add a few more tricks to the list, we can help you out...learn more 

Build Your Fishing IQ
  • How To DVD's - Lance Valentine teaches you how to put fish in the boat....learn more
  • Where To DVD's - Lance Valentine shares his "secret" walleye locations....learn more
  • Seminars & Schools - Attend a seminar or class and become a better angler....learn more
Pre Trip Planning Resources
  • Weather & Waves - Know the conditions before you head out on the water....learn more
  • Float Plan - Let people know where you are going in case trouble hits....learn more
  • Safety Equipment - Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected....learn more
Hitting the Water
  • Equipment Checklists - Complete list of stuff you will need by body of water....coming soon
  • Launch Checklist - Make sure you aren't that guy heading back to the ramp....coming soon
  • Marine Radio Procedures -  Radio checks, fishing reports, emergency calls....coming soon
We Caught Some Fish!
  • Fish Care on the Water - Make sure you end up with a great fish fry....coming soon
  • Cleaning Your Fish - It's a lot easier than you think - we show you how....coming soon
  • Photography - Get tips and techniques for a great shot of your trophy....coming soon
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